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Details Of Kimye’s Ireland Honeymoon Extravagance

Photo credit: Image Collect Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the world’s most famous newlywed couple managed to recently conjure up a bill of 45,000 euros (little over 60,000 US dollars) for their stay in Ireland, as their European episode continues....

Celebs / Celebs - 3 years ago

15 Celebrities Who Had It All Then Lost It Even More

Photo credit: Image Collect In Hollywood, you imagine that celebrities and public figures are always doing good on a financial level as they make millions on television shows, movies, concerts, and public appearances. While this may be partly true,...

Celebs / Celebs - 3 years ago

10 Celebs You’d Never Guess Attempted Suicide

Photo credit: Image Collect Sad as it is, sometimes a lifetime of fame, wealth and success can’t save us from our demons. Often the most successful people are the most unbalanced, even if they put on a happy face for the cameras. Here are a few...