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Winter Hair Styling For Men

& Winter can raise all kinds of challenges for the well-groomed man and his freshly acquired hairstyle. Your style has to be durable to get through the days of wind and rain.Keep it LongAs stylists we’re often asked by the client, “wh...

Hot Gossip / Hot Gossip - 1 month ago

What Your Child Would Really Love For Christmas!

With Christmas just a few sleepless sleeps away it’s the time when overwhelm, family visits and responsibility can turn into weighty final straws. Children meanwhile are assaulted with threats and promises for being ‘naughty or nice’, often while nav...

Hot Gossip / Hot Gossip - 1 month ago

Will AI Make The January Sales Obsolete?

A huge wave of automation coming. To everything. It will be socially and economically disruptive, especially as human jobs are replaced by AI and robotics. However, there’s also potential for this new breed of technology to soften hard-nosed tr...